About us!

Hey there! We’re Fruit Face - a sister (Alec) and brother (Adam) duo striving to use our small business for social and environmental good while having a groovy time along the way. Fruit Face was originally launched as Smiles by Mail as a response to the pandemic, where high levels of social disconnect and uncertainty became the new norm. Our goal was to spread positivity and promote connection between socially distanced friends and families in a fun and sustainable way. While our business has evolved significantly since our founding, our mission has stayed the same: we want to make people smile while making the world a better place. 

Outside of Fruit Face, both of us are university students at UC Berkeley. Alec is an undergraduate studying Sustainable Business and Design - in her free time, she likes going on spontaneous road trips, baking, and making art. Adam is a graduate pursuing his Master of Design - he loves to cook, go on adventures, and garden.

10% Back

At Fruit Face, we believe it’s our responsibility to practice business in a just and sustainable way. In order to contribute to social and environmental change, we will donate a minimum of 10% of the revenue on each product sold to a non-profit organization. We choose non-profit organizations that align with our values and have high impact programs and initiatives, where the majority or all of the donation goes directly to the services they provide instead of marketing and other expenses. 

We chose 10% of revenue as our donation amount because it’s transparent and easy to calculate: you know exactly how much we are donating for every product sold. Many companies have initiatives where they donate a portion of their profit instead of revenue - while that makes sense financially, customers rarely know how large (or small) profits may be.

Sustainable Packaging

Since our founding, we have designed and made every piece of packaging that we’ve put in the mail from recycled and reused materials (brown paper grocery bags, cardboard, and even tissue paper). As we continue to grow, we plan on continuing to ship things in the most environmentally friendly ways possible. We continue to make envelopes and paper mailers from grocery bags, but we are also now using donated boxes and packaging that has been through the mail system at least once (giving a little more reuse before recycling). 

We aim to use materials in our packaging that are either recyclable or compostable, but sometimes an item may be packaged with un-recyclable materials (like styrofoam or bubble wrap). These materials were given to us by friends and family from packages they’ve received from other businesses. Because these materials end up in landfills and can take hundreds of years to decompose, it’s important to maximize the use we get out of them. We encourage you to participate in our sustainability efforts by reusing the packaging you receive your order in: send a gift or a letter to a friend or make some arts and crafts.